Pride Road Sparkling Hibiscus with Ginger is Now Available!

A few cool ways to enjoy Hibiscus! - AJC

Buy This: Whether you call it hibiscus, sorrel, roselle or jamaica, we’ve got three ways for you to enjoy this tangy fall fruit - Atlanta Journal Constitution

Remember Red Zinger tea? That pretty red color came from the fruit of the roselle plant, a member of the hibiscus family. Thanks to Hispanic and Caribbean food becoming more mainstream, we’re finding it used to flavor a whole world of drinks and treats.

Pride Road is a veteran-owned company of three brothers (two currently serving in the Army) and their dad, a Vietnam vet. The Muhaimins farm 11 acres of hibiscus in Fayetteville. At harvest time, each calyx is handpicked and cored (there’s a hard seed that has to be removed from the center of each calyx) and the result is turned into hibiscus tea, hibiscus jelly, hibiscus granola, loose leaf tea, sparkling hibiscus juice and the product we tried, hibiscus chutney. No loose mixture, this chutney has a firm texture and is filled with bits of fresh hibiscus fruit as well as golden raisins, ginger, garlic and onion. Chutney is a traditional accompaniment to Indian food, but we are enjoying ours in some very fancy grilled cheese sandwiches.

$10 per 10-ounce jar. Available at the Truly Living Well booths at the East Point and Freedom farmers markets and Truly Living Well market at Collegetown Farm, at Calyroad Creamery in Sandy Springs, Farmview Market in Madison, Eden Fresh Market in Fayetteville or online at

Writing Credits: C.W. Cameron, Atlanta Journal Constitution - Atlanta Food & Restaurants, 


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